>Merchant SKU ID: 2301

>SKU Name:Camping Lantern with 2 Colors & Dimmable & Bug Resistant

>Battery: 1200mAh/3.7V

>Input: 5V 1A (Type C), Charge Time: 2 hours

>2 colors: White or Yellow Light (Bug Resistant)

>Control Switch : Rotary Button

>Working Time: 

   Max Mode - 2 hours

   Low Mode -100 hours

>LED indicator: Red when charge, Green when fully charge

>Product Size: 138 x 88 x 80 mm

> Product Weight: 143g


The dual-color portable camping light, featuring white and yellow LED lights. The yellow light has a special function that can repel mosquitoes, making your camping experience more enjoyable. This practical product is perfect for taking on hikes or setting up camp, providing you with both necessary light and protection from insects. The compact design and carrying case make it easy to take with you wherever you go, ensuring that you always have a reliable source of light and mosquito protection. So pack up your gear and head outdoors with confidence, knowing that the dual-color portable camping light will be there for you when the sun sets.

> Camping light Indoor & Outdoor Use

>Can lay on flat surface or turn the handle to hang up

>2 color lights: white or yellow in on device

>Rotate button to adjust light intensity from dim to strong, dimmable light

>Handle rotates in 360 degree to hang up over tent

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