Model:MCL88 (upgrade)

Merchant SKU ID:MCL88

SKU Name:Multi-function Camping Lantern


Manufactured Country:China



Packing dimensions:200x110x103(mm)

Packing weight:0.585(kg)


SKU Short Description:

1. An innovative outdoor multi-functional camping lantern.  Suitable for camping, climbing, hiking, BBQ etc as emergency application for a variety of outdoor activities, to meet all your needs in a timely manner.

2. With cooling fan and built-in lights, diffuse light, FM radio and mosquito repellent functions. All functions are available in 3 modes for selection.

3. Moist resistant and waterproof level up to IPX5 

4. Exquisite and strong hanging hook design, convenient to hang up under tent or hang up in tree for large area lighting.

5. Patented product with multiple product quality certificates.

6. All functions of this product can be used at the same time

SKU Long Description:

Battery capacity : 5400mAh/3.7V/3*18650

Input current : 500mA-1800mA 5V

Charging time: <4H

1W LED : strong light up to 16H, medium light up to 22H, weak light up to 30H.

LED duration : strong light up to 5H, medium light up to 8H, low light up to 12H.

Electric fan: strong winds up to 5H, mid-range wind up to 14H, weak light up to 30H.

FM Radio : up to 120H for individual use

Mosquito repellent use : up to 700H for individual use

Shutdown quiescent current: <50 uA


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