Merchant SKU ID: 2317

SKU Name:3-in-1 Compact Electric toothbrush Travel Set 

>Motor: Sonic motor

>Vibration frequency: up to 33,000 vibrations/ minute

>Modes : 3 modes of operation

>Charging time: ~3 hours for toothbrush, ~2 hours for disinfection box (Input: Type-C)

>Battery: toothbrush 700mAh, disinfection box 500mAh

>Continuous use time: ~50 days for toothbrush, more than 15 days for disinfection box

>Toothbrush size: 27x190mm 

   Full set size: 57 x 132 mm

>Toothbrush weight: 80g, full set weight: 190g


Our travel toothbrush set is a must-have for anyone with a busy lifestyle. It seamlessly combines convenience, innovation, and portability, ensuring you maintain excellent oral hygiene wherever you go. So, pack your bags, set out on your next adventure, and face the world with a confident smile!


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