>Merchant SKU ID: 2313 (Stone Top), 2314 (Charcoal Top) 

>SKU Name:Ultrasonic Flame Humidifier&Air Diffuser&Flame Light


>Manufactured Country: China

>Power Supply: 100-240VAC

>Output DC24V 0.5A

>Power: 10W

>Spray Volume: 20-30ml/h

>Water Tank Capacity: 240ml


A unique product that combines the comfort of a mist with the ambiance of a flame. With a choice of intermittent or continuous mist settings, as well as a timer function, this humidifier can be easily adjusted using the remote control. The flame color can be customized to your preference or set on automatic, depending on your mood or desired ambiance. Additionally, the humidifier's container can be filled with essential oils or scented waters for a more indulgent experience. With its convenient design and multiple features, this product is perfect for enhancing your home or office environment.

>Adds moisture to the air to help prevent dryness

>Emits a warm orange light with adjustable brightness, creating a realistic flame effect together with the mist

>Essential oils can be added to the water to fill the room with a fragrant scent

>Perfect at night as it works quietly and shuts off automatically when it runs out of water

>A multi-function 4-in-1 money worthy device


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