>Merchant SKU ID: 2311 (without battery) /2312 (with battery)

>SKU Name: 2-in-1 Humidifier&Air Purifier

>Power: 2.4W (2311), 2W (2312)

>Battery (2312): 3.7V/2000mAh (7.4Wh)

>lon concentration: >10,000,000 ions/cm3

>Charging current & Time : DC 5V/1A &~3hours (Type-C)

>Working voltage: DC 5V

>Operating current: 300mA (max)

>Working time (Model# 2312): 8-12 hours (air purifier only), 8-12 hours (humidifier only), 4 hours (air purifier and humidifier)

>Water tank: 150ml

>Spray volume: 25-40ml/hour

>Product size : 78 x 78 x 180 mm, 

>Product weight:  

  2311: 190g, 2312: 280g


The two-in-one humidifier and air purifier is lightweight and portable, only plug it in and use it, which adopts negative ion technology and comes with a seven-color atmosphere lamp. It can effectively purify the air and increase humidity, which is particularly suitable for offices, homes, public places, etc.  The air purifier has a high efficiency filter and negative ion generator that can effectively remove harmful particles in the air and improve indoor air quality. The seven-color atmosphere lamp can adjust the color according to your mood, making your home more beautiful and romantic.

>2-in-1 humidifier and air purifier in one device

>Adopted 2x purification methods : iON technology and HEPA grade filter

>2x separate switch buttons to control humidifier & air purifier

>Fan assisted air purification

>Colorful mood light at the mist area adds value to the product, keeping people physically and mentally happy

>2 versions are available, without battery (Model#2311) and with battery (Model #2312)

>Applicable area: 10m3


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