Merchant SKU ID:Ai202

SKU Name:Pluggable UV-C Air Sterilizer & Deodorizer


Manufactured Country:China



Packing dimensions:112x156x92(mm)

Packing weight:0.422(kg)


Pluggable UV-C Air Sterilizer & Deodorizer 

This product is suitable for different indoor or home areas, especially kitchen and bathroom;

★Triple sterilization technology - UV-C, photocatalyst and plasma ions.  Laboratory test result showed it kills more than 98% of E. coli;

★ Maintenance-free, no consumables, no secondary pollution;

★UV-C lamp can quickly sterilize air and persistently to continue sterilization;

★Photocatalyst nanomaterials can effectively and permanently adhere to formaldehyde, PM2.5, dust and other small particles and rapidly decompose;

★HD plasma purification technology with powerful deodorizing effect;

★With built-in fan to assist air circulation and increase sterilization efficiency;

★Automatic PIR human infrared sensor;

★Intelligent CPU auto-sensing mode, intelligent night light, time control the sterilization process at your will and as your need.

★Can be used in both dry and moist space


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