Model:LISAAVO Scalp Massager hair growth 3 Pack, Head Massagers, Non-Stick Bristles, 4-Tier Length, Scalp Exfoliator scalp brush, Head Massager Hair Care for Women & Men, Wet & Dry Use, 3 Hardness Level · White

Merchant SKU ID:2104HB

SKU Name:Hair Clean & Massage Brush


Manufactured Country:China


Material: ABS + TPR

Size: 110*80*80mm

Weight: 60g


Enjoy Scalp Massages Anytime With LISAAVO Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush!

Whether you lying in bed or bathing in the shower, LISAAVO head massagers will provide you with a comfortable way to massage your scalp for a refreshing spa experience anytime and anywhere. Our scalp scrubber for shower is designed with 4-tier spikes in large surface area that scrub and massage the entire scalp without pulling, tangling, or scratching for a comfortable massaging experience. 

Designed For Women & Men To Massage All Hair Types & Lengths

We designed our scalp massage brushes to provide the perfect fit for all hair types, lengths and styles. Each pack comes with 3 scalp massaging brushes in 3 levels of hardness and 4-tier bristle length to match your hairstyling and massaging needs.  

Three (3) Levels Of Bristle Firmness 

Soft Bristle Massager – Perfect for those with sensitive scalps  & fine hair.

Moderate Bristle Massager – The medium bristles provide a perfect balance of firmness and flexibility, ideal for most scalps. 

Hard Bristle Massager – Offers firm and stiff bristles that are perfect for oily scalp & coarse hair.

Durable, Portable & Safe – Made For Daily Use

Crafted from lightweight and durable TPR material, our scalp massager brushes for women and men let you wash your hair without needing to use your nails and create a rich lather to elevate your bath experience. 

The non-stick TPR matt material of scrubber let you combing smoother without pulling.  The scalp scraper for dandruff is compact and portable, fitting easily into your backpack or luggage so you can take it anywhere you go. 

Easy To Clean

Scalp massager is designed with two side openings allowing water to pass through when cleaning. 

Wet & Dry Use

Designed to help promote hair growth, relaxation, and comfort.

Ergonomic Handle

The handle is designed to provide a secure, comfortable, and anti-slip grip in your hands.

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