Model:USB AA

>Merchant SKU ID: USB AA

>SKU Name: USB AA Rechargeable Batteries

> Battery Capacity: 1200 mAh/1.2V

> Battery Type : Ni-MH (1.2V)

> Charging Time: 2.7 hours

> Input: 5V/450 mAh

> Output: 1.2V

> Product Size: 14x 50 mm

> Product Weight: 17g


USB AA Rechargeable Batteries combine portability, environmental friendliness, and high quality into a comprehensive power solution. Whether in daily life or outdoor pursuits, these batteries are the ideal choice for meeting the diverse energy needs of various devices, offering users a more convenient and sustainable electrical experience.

1. Convenient Rechargeability: USB AA batteries feature rechargeable technology, allowing easy recharging through a USB port. This eliminates the need for frequent replacements associated with conventional batteries, providing users with a more economical and convenient power solution.

2. Versatile Applicability: Specifically designed for use in mouse, flashlights, remote controls, toy cars, and various everyday devices. Unlike traditional batteries, USB AA batteries offer flexibility in meeting the power demands of a diverse range of electronic devices.

3. Environmentally Sustainable: Emphasizing the product's eco-friendly characteristics, USB AA batteries are reusable, reducing the environmental impact associated with disposable batteries. They represent an ideal choice for those embracing a sustainable lifestyle.

4. High-Quality Stability: Manufactured using advanced technology and premium materials, USB AA batteries ensure high performance and stability. Users can rely on the product for a consistent and reliable power supply.

5. Flexible Charging Design:  With a USB charging port, users can conveniently and quickly charge the batteries anytime, anywhere, eliminating the inconvenience of running out of power, especially during outdoor activities or travel.

> Built-in mini charging circuit inside for portable convenience

> Recharge anywhere, anytime

> Eco-friendly alternative, no charge adaptor or cable is needed

> LED indicator for chrging status RedBlue ChargingCharged

> Saving you money, hassle and waste

> Environmentally Friendly

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